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If you or a loved one has been injured while on the job, you may find yourself frustrated by the workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation law is unique and complex. Insurance adjusters and their lawyers know the law, and they use every bit of it to minimize the cost of your injury. Sometimes, that means shortchanging your medical care and your money benefits.

It is our experience after trying hundreds of workers’ compensation cases, that many adjusters will use any excuse they can find to cut off benefits to you. If you do not have a lawyer experienced in workers’ compensation, a denial of medical care can mean the end of your claim. This can be devastating to your family’s finances and your health.

How do you know if you are being treated fairly by the adjuster? Do you really need a lawyer? Certainly, the insurance company and your employer will say, “No.” Here’s our suggestion:

You might need a lawyer if:

1. The workers’ compensation insurance adjuster denies your claim.

2. The adjuster denies or interferes with your medical treatment.

3. The adjuster tells you something that just does not seem right.

4. The adjuster wants to pay you a small amount of money to get rid of your case when you are no longer able to do the kind of work you used to do.

5. The adjuster hires a nurse case manager who interferes with your medical treatment.

6. The adjuster hires a doctor who thinks it is more important to protect the insurance company than to take care of your needs.

7. The adjuster pays you benefits that seem too low.

If you have any questions, please call one of our experienced attorneys for a complimentary claim strategy session at our office or our office.