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Fear of Reporting an Injury

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

While some workers have no problems reporting workplace injuries to their employer, many injured workers fail to do so. In fact, some reports suggest that as many as two-thirds of work-related injuries and illnesses go unreported. There are a number of reasons why employee do not report injuries. Workers often fear retaliation if they report a safety violation or work injury related to a violation. Studies have indicated that retaliatory fear prompts many workers not to file either OSHA or workers’ comp claims. In a study of OSHA reporting, occupational health providers often reported to workers’ fear of retaliation as a reason for underreporting. Pressure from co-workers also prompts failure to report safety violations and comp claims. Safety incentive programs create incentives not to report, since non-reporting leads to a reward for a work group.

In Nebraska, if your employer terminates your employment because you reported a work-related injury, you may be entitled to additional compensation due to your employer’s retaliatory actions. This type of claim is referred to as a retaliatory discharge claim. Retaliatory discharge claims are considered an exception to Nebraska’s at-will employment doctrine. This is because the Nebraska Supreme Court determined that allowing the type of fear of retaliation for filing a claim discussed in the article below undermined the very important purpose of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act, which is to relieve injured workers from the negative economic effects caused by a work-related injury. However, keep in mind, a retaliatory discharge claim requires very specific facts and will not apply to every situation because it is an exception to the rule of at-will employment. In fact, a large amount of potential claims will not fit the criteria needed for a retaliatory discharge claim.

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