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Standing Up For Pedestrians Hit By Cars

In crosswalks, crossing streets, getting into or out of cars parked on the street, and sometimes unfortunately even on sidewalks, pedestrians are at risk. Many drivers fail to recognize the rights of those traveling by foot. In their carelessness, these drivers may hit pedestrians, all too often causing serious harm.

We Hold Careless Drivers Responsible For Hitting Pedestrians

Crosswalks should be safe zones for those walking, jogging or running. Time and time again, this has proven to not be the case. Drivers will pull right into crosswalks instead of stopping ahead of them at red lights. They will take turns on greens and strike pedestrians who have the right of way and are crossing on a walk signal. They drive carelessly into parking lots and driveways, hitting people crossing on the sidewalk in front of them. Because pedestrians do not have the protection offered by cars, even low-speed impacts can do serious harm.

We believe the negligent driver should be held responsible, and the victim should get full compensation. At Brock Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, we have been handling pedestrian accident cases and other motor vehicle crash claims for more than 25 years. We are always willing to fight for a fair outcome, even if it means going to trial.

Serious Lawyers For Serious Injuries

After being hit by a car, 18-wheeler, motorcycle or other automobile, a person traveling on foot may suffer life-changing injuries. Our lawyers handle cases involving brain damage, back injuries that cause paraplegia or quadriplegia, fractures and other catastrophic injuries. When lives are lost in fatal pedestrian collisions, we help families pursue wrongful death claims. We work hard to get maximum compensation and justice in these difficult times.

Free Consultation For Pedestrian Accident Victims

Contact our attorneys today at 402-327-1777 or by email to schedule a free consultation. We handle all pedestrians hit by car cases on a contingency basis. You only pay if we obtain a recovery for you. There is no money required upfront.