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Fighting For Injured Motorcyclists

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Most motorcycle accidents are the result of other drivers who were not looking for motorcycles. All too often, drivers look for other cars and trucks, but simply do not take the extra second to watch for bikers. Then they pull out in front of a motorcycle, change lanes into a motorcycle or make some other move that causes serious harm to the biker.

We Understand Motorcycle Riding

Who knows the dangers faced by motorcyclists better than another motorcyclist? At Brock Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, we are well-positioned to represent injured motorcycle riders because our founding attorney, Tony Brock, is an avid motorcyclist himself. He has been riding since he was a kid. When he is not standing up for the rights of injured people, he can frequently be found riding his Harley-Davidson all across the country.

For more than 20 years, our lawyers have been handling motorcycle crashes and other motor vehicle wreck claims. We are committed to standing up for our fellow motorcycle riders who have been hurt due to the negligence of other drivers.

Motorcyclists do not have the protection afforded by other vehicles. When they get hit, there is rarely more than a helmet and a leather jacket between them and the blacktop. This means that these accidents tend to result in brain injuries, back injuries, lost limbs, fractures and other serious injuries. Our experience means we are ready to take on an insurance company to recover fair compensation for injuries that may have changed a life forever.

Looking Beyond The Police Report

We take care when gathering and reviewing evidence in motorcycle accident cases. Often, police reports do not accurately portray the biker’s actions. Witnesses may believe that the biker was driving recklessly, simply because of their biases. Bikers are treated unfairly and suffer the consequences. Getting the investigation into liability issues started as soon as possible is critical to overcoming the odds in these cases.

Free Consultation For Motorcycle Crash Victims

Contact us today at 402-327-1777 or by email to schedule a free consultation. We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. You only pay if we obtain a recovery for you. There is no money required up front.