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When A Driverless Vehicle Causes An Accident

Driverless cars are coming. Driverless trucks too, in platoons of massive vehicles rolling down the highway. Here in Lincoln, one driverless white bus from vehicle maker Navya has already begun shuttling people around on a test basis and more may be on the way soon. The future is here, and with it a whole new set of potential dangers.

Are Driverless Vehicles Safer?

Safety has been touted as a motivation behind the creation and implementation of driverless vehicles. The thought process is that, by eliminating the need for a human driver, these vehicles also eliminate the potential for the sort of human error that causes auto accidents. After all, driverless vehicles do not drink and drive. They do not look at cellphones when they should be looking at the road. They do not get angry or drive too fast because they are late for work.

While this may be true to some extent, the reality is that the vehicles will be programmed and maintained by humans. Humans will always be involved in some capacity, meaning that there will always be the possibility of human error. There are still safety concerns, as high-profile auto wreck cases involving early versions of driverless vehicles have already demonstrated.

At The Forefront Of Technology And The Law

While technology is always changing, there is one fact that has not and will not change: Victims of negligence have the right under the law to seek full compensation. In other words, if you or a loved one is hit and hurt by a driverless automobile, you have the right to seek money to cover medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

At Brock Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, our attorneys are ready to stand by your side. We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of technology and the law. When something goes wrong and a driverless car, truck, bus or other vehicle causes harm, we are ready to take action against the vehicle’s operator, manufacturer or other party. We will find out who is to blame, and we will work hard to hold that party accountable for the damage done.

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