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Advocates For Injured Bicyclists

Bicyclists have just as much right to use the road as drivers of motor vehicles. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who do not watch for bike riders or who simply do not respect their right to the road. All too often, this leads to serious bicycle accidents.

We Hold Negligent Drivers Accountable For Hitting Bike Riders

Drivers seem to make the same mistakes over and over when it comes to sharing the road with bicyclists. They pass too close. They turn in front of them or directly into them. They pull out too far at intersections, driveways and parking lots. Without the protection afforded to other people on the road, these collisions can do serious harm to bike riders, even at low speeds.

Our goal is to hold the negligent driver accountable for this harm and to get full compensation for the victim. At Brock Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, we have been handling bike crash cases and other motor vehicle accident claims for more than 25 years. Our long-standing record of success is proof of our ability to build strong cases and get meaningful results. We will not let our opponent get away without paying you, even if it means going to trial.

Serious Attorneys For Serious Injuries

When a car, truck, motorcycle or other motor vehicle hits someone on a bicycle, the victim may be left with life-changing injuries. Our attorneys handle cases involving brain injuries, spinal cord injuries that lead to paraplegia or quadriplegia, broken bones and other catastrophic injuries. We also pursue wrongful death claims for families that have lost loved ones in fatal bicycle collisions. Our goal is to get justice and to maximize compensation.

Free Consultation For Bicycle Accident Victims

Contact our lawyers today at 402-327-1777 or by email to schedule a free consultation. We handle all bike crash cases on a contingency basis. You only pay if we obtain a recovery for you. There is no money required upfront.