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Don't get taken for a ride after your motorcycle accident

Trying to get the care and financial support you need after a suffering injuries in a motorcycle crash can feel like a wild ride. If your motorcycle accident was the result of another's negligent actions, according to the laws of Nebraska, you have the right to fair and full compensation for your losses. Unfortunately, many struggle to achieve this.

Motorcycle accidents happen for a number of reasons. What are the main causes? How is liability determined? How can you seek damages?

Tailgating: One of the Deadliest Sins on the Road

For most drivers, it is very irritating when someone drives close behind them. If the tailgater is pulling a fully loaded 18-wheeler, it not only can cause anger, it can also be downright terrifying. As trucking professionals, we should keep in mind that tailgating is not just a pubic relations issue, it is also very dangerous and costly.

ROADCHECK JUNE 6 - 8, 2017

Make sure that you and your equipment are ready for the 72-hour roadside inspection and law enjorcement blitz which will focus on Cargo Securement this year.

~ Ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape, wear your seat belt, don't speed, don't drive fatigued and put your cell phone down when behind the wheel.

~ Be aware that the most common violation areas are: brakes out of adjustment & other brake problems, lights, tires and wheels plus cargo load securement.

~ Have your CDL & medical card available (including any waivers). ~ Keep your log book current (as of the last duty status) and include the last seven days.

~ Make sure you have your annual inspection for the truck, registration for trailer and that all documents in the permit book are updated.

~ Ask for a sticker if you get a level one roadside inspection.

For more information on Roadcheck 2017, visit

Truck Drivers and Worker's Compensation

Truck drivers are by and large loyal working men and women. You work very hard to avoid letting your company down by delivering freight on time and keeping the customers happy. When you get hurt, you tend to tough it out before reporting the injury because you don't want the company to think you are soft or slacking off. Generally, when a trucker is injured on the job, loyalty is not a two-way street.brochure trucks.jpg

What is an FCE?

An FCE is a Functional Capacity Evaluation. It is sort of a physical fitness test. We see a majority of clients undergoing FCE's toward the end of the treatment cycle in a workers' compensation case. An FCE can also be used to help identify changes to employee workload, or modifications to working conditions such as ergonomic measures, that the employer may be able to undertake in an effort to accommodate an employee with a disability or medical condition. Common measurements of lifting power, push and pull power, how long you can stand or walk, flexibility and reaching, grasping and holding, bending, and balance are taken.

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